Voted Best Infill

for odor control & playgrounds by the leading turf manufacturers!

The only organic infill that helps Eliminate Urine Odor in Synthetic Turf & Cools turf fibers by evapotranspiration.

Perfect solution for All Landscaping, Dog runs, Pet areas, Playgrounds, Tennis & Bocce Ball courts, Sports Fields and more.

NOTE: Zeolite Max is NOT the same product as Durafill, Envirofill, Turf n Fresh, Fresh Fill or BioFill and does not contain crystalline Silica Sand.


What is Artificial Grass Infill?

Infill is applied between the grass blades for synthetic grass applications to help the grass blades stand upright and to help protect the synthetic turf’s backing. Some infill products, such as Zeolite Max, can even maintain a cooler surface temperature for synthetic grass landscapes.

Over the years, pet owners have struggled for ways to maintain a flawless green lawn. Because the majority of pet owners train their dogs to do use synthetic grass, smell has been a constant factor for the owner’s synthetic lawn. In the past, turf manufacturers have created a variety of infill antimicrobial products to help alleviate this problem, however, in response to this issue,  Zeolite Max was create to completely eliminate unwanted pet odors from synthetic turf. This product has revolutionized the synthetic grass experience for pet owners across the nation.  Because of the product’s porous structure and natural negative charge, it prevents the ammonia from forming into a gas while filtering out bacteria spores.  With Zeolite Max’s capabilities, owning a pet has never been easier!


In 2008 Zeolite Max was created from natural earth resources. Zeolite Max is unique from other infills because the negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure absorbs urine and prevents the output of ammonia gas. Zeolite Max infill holds onto any gases until sodium ions from rainwater release the structure’s magnetic forces. This cleans the bacteria out of the structure and recharges the Zeolite Max infill.

Zeolite Max does not require constant cleaning or washing, simply let your pet do their “business” so Zeolite Max will absorb the smell, instead of water.

Zeolite Max helps control the urine odors but will not remove harmful bacteria. With any synthetic turf landscape, you still need to remove bacteria with an enzyme cleaner.  If you live in a dry climate, an enzyme cleaner is an ideal solution to help keep Zeolite Max bacteria-free.


No matter the compaction, Zeolite Max will drain 100 percent and is a perfect solution for artificial grass pet runs, yards or sports court. This product will hold over 55 percent of its weight and will evaporate water which will cool turf slowly over time.

Zeolite Max will not deteriorate over time which makes this product the ideal infill for sports fields, pet grass, landscapes and putting greens. It is non-toxic, environmentally safe and a certified organic compound with no additives. Zeolite is a substance which is commonly used as an animal feed additive, therefore if the product is accidentally consumed, it is non-toxic.

Approved by leading U.S. manufacturers, Zeolite Max can be used as an infill due to the purity and Mohs hardness properties. It is recommended to install Zeolite Max on top of the synthetic grass to help control odor. Some installers recommend installing Zeolite Max underneath the turf to help eliminate bacteria and smell, as well.

Zeolite Max is created with synthetic grass applications in mind. The unique properties and functionality of Zeolite Max have a particular purity and hardness level unlike other zeolite products. Every zeolite material is unique and contains different properties to each. Zeolite Max comes from the same source is the same quality and is guaranteed to be ideal for any synthetic grass installation.


Zeolite Max is 98 percent pure, contains no harmful impurities and is an ideal infill for turf fibers. For any synthetic grass installation, a pure zeolite material is a key material for a successful and beneficial installation. Most zeolite mines have a purity between 55 and 85 percent, however, because Zeolite Max is 98 percent pure, this material will have a much higher absorbency rate and require only a simple one-time application to your turf. Choose the best product for your installation with Zeolite Max!

Benefits of using Zeolite Max on top of turf vs. under turf

Zeolite Max can be used on top and underneath your synthetic grass installation. No matter where your pet does their business, Zeolite Max can help keep pesky ammonia odors away! The entire stretch of your synthetic grass installation should be filled with Zeolite Max, including on your base materials. Anywhere from a pound and a half to two pounds per square foot will help keep odors away. A simple spray of the hose or rainwater will clean out Zeolite Max’s porous material to refresh the Zeolite Max.

Zeolite Max only requires a one-time application and will last the life of your synthetic turf.

Mohs Hardness Requirements

According to Merriam Webster, the Mohs’ scale is a scale of hardness for minerals that ranges from a value of one for talc to 10 for diamond. Zeolite Max has a hardness ranging from 4.2 to 5 Mohs making it softer than silica but durable enough to withstand heavy traffic over time.

Any other material that has a higher rating on the Mohs scale can tear turf fibers and cause bare spots. Consider Zeolite Max as the perfect balance for a pet and eco-friendly infill. A product that is ranked low on the Mohs scale will not last the life of your synthetic grass and will cause the turf to flatten.

Zeolite Max is the ideal product for your synthetic turf application for functionality and hardness.

Manufacturer’s Concerns or Comments

Zeolite Max can not be compared to silica and it’s testing strategies. It meets Proposition 65 requirements and contains no crystalline. To clarify:

  • Because Zeolite Max has a Mohs hardness of 4.2 to 5, dust particles will be present in water testing, however the granule is not hard enough to tear turf fibers. The difference between a silica-based product and Zeolite Max is Zeolite Max’s dust is 100 percent safe and can be ingested without inherent harm. In fact specific zeolite materials are often sold in capsule form for detoxification.
  • Zeolite Max is a honey-combed structure and has an angular shape. The structure allows for 100 percent drainage even when it is compacted because the structure is porous and makes this an ideal infill for sports turf applications.
  • Because Zeoltie Max is a negatively charged product, it holds the ammonium smell. Sodium ions from heavy rainwater or your typical garden hose can flush out and re-charge Zeolite Max. If you live in an area where rainwater is scarce, an enzyme cleaner will help ride the granules of bacteria and recharge Zeolite Max to function at full capacity.

Zeolite Max is 98 percent pure, which is some of the purest zeolite in the world.