Customer Testimonials.

Elizabeth Baker

It Cools Our Turf!

This product works wonders for odor control and heat reduction. We tested this product in the heat that we often experience in Vegas.

Today’s temperature read 110 degrees this morning, so we decided to test the turf’s surface temperature today since we had our grass recently installed.

At 11:30 this morning, the temperature of our grass read 168 degrees. When Zeolite Max was applied and watered, we retested the temperature at 12:30 in the afternoon. The temperature read 112 degrees.

(11:30am) Before Zeolite Max was applied the temperature of the turf was 168 degrees. Zeolite Max was applied and watered. Retested at 12:30 pm and turf temperature had dropped to 118 degrees. After an hour, the turf’s temperature only rose 3 degrees. We highly recommend this product for climates like ours! It’s very useful for reducing synthetic turf surface temperatures.

Elizabeth BakerLas Vegas, Nevada
Jason Bailey

We tried everything to get rid of that awful dog urine smell in our backyard. From vinegar to Natures Miracle, nothing really worked. It seemed like no matter what product we sprayed, our grass still smelled. We couldnt even entertain in our backyard and almost decided to take out our artificial grass. When we came across Zeolite Max, it was a last ditch effort in hopes of saving us the trouble of installing other products.

This product has been a life saver, we no longer have a urine smell in our backyard and it was very easy to apply. And it only needs to be applied one time! Anyone who has an animal and artificial grass needs this product!! It will take the smell away completely!

Jason Bailey Santa Monica, CA
Peggy Bryant and Family

Thank you for delivering the Zeolite Max yesterday

Our yard is small and our four dogs are big. So when we installed fake grass, we had to add the Zeolite Max product to take away that horrible pee smell and it went away! Having a synthetic grass yard has been great for us because the dogs won’t eat the grass, we don’t have anymore random holes and maintenance is minimal. Zeolite Max has been a great asset for our yard!

Peggy Bryant and FamilyRedlands, CA
Kristina P.

Your company has been very helpful and this product has been perfect for my yard! It takes away the smell, even for my small dogs. Believe me, even my 2 small dogs can make the grass smell over time and this product is great because I only have to use it once.

Kristina P.Mesa, AZ
Tom & Gene Wilson

I used to think there was no way any product would remove ALL of the urine smell from our horse stall, but after we put the Zeolite Max material in there, it cleared the smell right up! I am now completely convinced that this product does everything the site says. If it can take care of a horse’s smell, any other smells from other pets should be a breeze.

Tom & Gene WilsonBoulder, CO
Janna Faber

After talking with your customer service, I felt very confident about this product for my backyard. My artificial grass had a terrible smell from my dogs always going to the bathroom and now, this is no longer an issue. I want to thank Synthetic Grass Warehouse for all of their help and support with my install products including Zeolite Max. This has been the best product on the market for pet urine and I highly recommend it. The reps know everything about all the products and I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of facts that goes into Zeolite Max.

Janna FaberHuntington Beach, CA
Hannah T.

I have two cats at home and at first, wasn’t completely sold on the Zeolite Max. In the past I have used pottie pads however, those products made my floor wet and sticky, so I had a portion of my yard dedicated to synthetic grass. The Zeolite Max product worked wonders on my turf because it took away the pee smell from my dogs. This product works like a charm, all I have to do is pick up the solid waste. So far there is no smell!

Hannah T.Glendora, CA
Lynda W.

Powdered Zeolite Max Product

This is the best stuff! I am so excited to have discovered this product for my cats! There is no smellThis is the greatest stuff!! I love how it only takes  a one time application to make my yard look and smell great! Your product does exactly what it claims – how refreshing!

Lynda W.Colorado Springs, CO
Bryan C.

Last Month I purchased Zeolite Max because my pets were making my backyard smell awful and I noticed your web site says it also keeps your turf cooler. My experience has been nothing but positive so far. Although I haven’t seen a noticeable difference in temperature yet, the “pet” smell has decreased completely! I can use my BBQ again!


Bryan C.Santa Monica, CA
Chad T.

For the past 8 months, I have been using Zeolite Max for my commercial properties around the Phoenix area. I loved the product so much I put some in my backyard! It helps keep the grass cooler and takes away any smells that might happen from pets. The cooling benefits are great, too…especially for where I live and work!

Chad T.Phoenix, AZ