Distributor Qualification Requirements

Zeolite Max Incorporated is committed to the success of our brand and our distributors. Our goal is to offer distributorship to the most qualified people in each market and establish long-term mutually beneficial business partnership with our distributors. Zeolite Max distributors will enjoy exclusive representation of Zeolite Max products in the authorized territory and the most competitive wholesale prices from Zeolite Max. Zeolite Max takes pride in setting high standards for its authorized representatives. We seek individuals and/or businesses that are able to meet all the following qualifications and will be dedicated in promoting and distributing Zeolite Max products.

  1. To become a dealer it is required to place Zeolite Max logo and information “in your own words” on your website. This gives you better online presence which is beneficial for both Zeolite Max and your company.
  2. Distributors must have previous experience in selling turf and/or infill products.
  3. Must have a physical office, warehouse and forklift in the pursuing territory;
  4. The prospective distributor must meet the mutually agreed annual sales quota; Zeolite Max reserves the rights to adjust the sales quota annually based on market demands unless otherwise specified the contract.
  5. For the distributors success we request that phones have coverage during regular business hours and that messages be returned with in the same day.

Zeolite Max will work with its prospective distributors for a trial period of 3 months to develop specific regional markets. This arrangement allows both parties the flexibility to learn about each other’s capabilities, establish trust and evaluate the sales potential and efforts for Zeolite Max products in the local market.

Upon meeting the above qualifications within the trial period, the potential distributor will be appointed Zeolite Max distributorship. The newly appointed distributor will be evaluated annually against the qualification requirements stated in the contract. The distributorship will be renewed if qualifications are maintained. If the distributor fails to fulfill the requirements as stated in the contract, the distributorship will be reassessed for possible termination.