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We take pride in providing the best, highest quality products available in the industry. Nothing comes close when compared to ZeoLite Max!


Our products are not only safe for your family and pets, they are safe for the environment too. Put your mind at ease with ZeoLite Max.


After your synthetic grass is installed, simply spread the ZeoLite Max on top. ZeoLite Max does the rest of the work for you. It’s that easy!

Quality Products


Quality, Purity and Value are the cornerstones of ZeoLite Max Incorporated’s product approach.


We have searched high and low to bring you the purest zeolite material for the artificial grass industry. Zeolite Max is 98 percent pure and has proven to be a successful addition to infill products across the nation. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we are always enhancing our materials for any artificial turf application.


Whether you want to create a fresh and fun environment for your four-legged friends or you want to enhance your residential, park or sports field installations with a product that will maintain a scent-free environment, Zeolite Max will help your turf stand taller, smell fresher and feel cooler. Zeolite Max is the leading brand for infill in the synthetic turf industry. This product captures ammonia, the odor-causing chemical found in pet urine and prevents this chemical from turning into a gas.


Your synthetic grass landscape, sports field or playground will smell cleaner and stay fresher thanks to the industry’s top brand infill, Zeolite Max.

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LA and Zeolite Max

Zeolite Max is not just a supplier: we’re a partner, working to help you achieve optimal results for your business. That’s the core of our business philosophy.
It starts with knowledge: our staff are experts in the synthetic turf industrial and construction minerals for over a decade, and can answer all your questions about the products and services we have to offer.
Throughout it all, we are committed to exceeding your expectations with accurate, timely, helpful service. Because we believe dealing with Zeolite Max should be the easiest part of your day.

The Benefits of Zeolite Max and Artificial Grass

Zeolite Max is available in its purest form at Synthetic Grass Warehouse. It helps control urine odors while serving as an infill for your synthetic grass application. Not only does this product capture the ammonia smell, it prevents the ammonia from turning into a gas which is creates the unpleasant smell.

Along with serving as a necessary infill element in your synthetic grass, Zeolite Max also cools your turf’s surface temperature. When you spray your turf after your furry friend does their business, Zeolite Max absorbs heat from the available sunlight. It condenses the sunlight and through evaporation of the water along with transpiration from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere, the result is a cooler surface temperature.